Introduction to Community Companies

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to set up and run a social, charitable or community enterprise - or 'community company'. There are many different forms such organisations can take, and it can often be difficult to know which to choose as a basis for running your own concern. The legalities of setting up a social or charitable enterprise are complex, and this can sometimes be off-putting. Our clients do not want to worry about annual returns, share capital, changes to articles, community benefit statements or the intricacies of appointing a new director or trustee. They simply wish to get on with running and promoting their organisation.

We help our clients achieve this by providing incorporation, drafting and secretarial services and other solutions, and we can advise on and explain many of the surrounding issues. We have wide-ranging experience in helping people set up social and charitable enterprises, and we can also provide help and guidance on virtually all of the legal issues and requirements which will invariably arise during their day-to-day running.

This page briefly explains more about the different services we provide. More detailed information about what we offer, the different types of community companies available, and the legislation which governs them, is available via the links on the left-hand side of the screen.

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Starting up a new community company

We have vast experience in helping clients start up new charitable and social enterprises, and we provide friendly and knowledgeable help throughout the process. We have registered many different types of community and charitable organisations, including charities and charitable companies, Charitable Trading Companies (CTCs), Community Interest Companies (CICs), Industrial and Provident Societies (IPSs) and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs). We are able to advise on the best form for your enterprise to take, and the various comparative advantages and disadvantages of choosing one type over another. Additionally, we are very happy to provide advice on more complicated formations, including hybrid companies, ventures with unusual constitutional requirements, and the simultaneous setting-up of 'linked' enterprises (e.g. a charitable company and associated charitable trading company). For more information, please contact us.

Community company solutions

We are able to undertake many different types of legal work to cover the various situations which a social or charitable enterprise might encounter during the course of its business, including drafting articles and minutes, special membership provisions, appointments and resignations, name changes and many other services. If you would like us to advise on any such matter, please contact us.

Company secretarial services for community companies

Running a community company is often challenging and time-consuming. We can relieve the burden of complying with your company's ongoing statutory and secretarial requirements so you can spend less time filling in forms and devote more time to the running of your enterprise. Please contact us for advice or a quote.

Conversions, other work and general advice

More and more, social enterprises are looking to change the manner in which they are run and the legal format which they have adopted. This can be for various reasons, including tax considerations, a desire to be protected by limited liability, or concerns surrounding the suitability of the enterprise's current legal form for its purposes. We offer comprehensive services in this area, and can advise on many different types of conversion (for example, unincorporated association to charitable company, charity to CIC, company to CIC limited by guarantee or shares, and many others). Please contact us for further details and for advice as to your own requirements.

We are also happy to answer queries with regard to all legal aspects of community companies and their day-to-day running. If you would like advice on a matter which is not covered on this website, then it is likely that we will still be able to help - please contact us to discuss your particular query.

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