Pricing Policy

Our standard charge-out cost for all work is £125 plus VAT per hour. Individual matters can vary quite significantly in cost depending on complexity (prices tend, for example to be considerably higher where a company is required to have many unusual or non-standard provisions in its articles). As such it is our usual practice to take preliminary instructions in each case so that we are able to provide a fixed, no-obligation, quote. The list below is, however, indicative of the typical charges we would levy based on the type of work undertaken. All prices are subject to VAT.

Companies limited by Guarantee

Prices typically range from £300 to £1000 plus VAT and £50 registration fee for the incorporation of a guarantee company with bespoke 'non-profit' articles.

Community Interest Companies

Our charges are usually in the region of £750-1000 plus VAT, depending on complexity of instructions, and registration fee (£65). This covers the devising and drafting of the CIC36 and objects clause, amendment of the CIC Regulator's model articles in any other areas necessary, and the entire registration process.

Charitable Trading Companies

The basic cost for a subsidiary charitable trading company is £250 plus VAT plus registration fee (£50).

Community Amateur Sports Clubs

Prices usually range from £300 to £1000 plus VAT and registration fee (£50). Our costs cover the incorporation of a guarantee company containing the mandatory CASC provisions as set down by HMRC, the drafting of a suitable objects clause and such other bespoke provisions as may be required.

Other work

All such work is undertaken at our standard rate of £125 plus VAT per hour except where otherwise agreed. As above, our usual practice would be to take preliminary instructions in order to provide a fixed quote prior to carrying out any work.

Please contact us for details of all other services. (Prices are correct at the time of publication but may be changed without notice. All goods and services supplied subject to the company's standard terms and conditions.)

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